«Et festlig og energisk foredrag som fikk taket til å løfte seg av latterbrøl. Takk for bra innsats!»

Gyrd Norvoll – Politiets data og materielltjeneste

Candid theater aka The Keynote speaker hoax

Freddy Kjensmo presents a new kind of comedy.
How about fooling your colleagues or employees in a fresh and hilarious way?

It all starts out quite normal. A person is presented as a speaker about a chosen topic, and the audience has no reason to doubt that this is yet another serious business talk.

Suddenly it starts getting weird. And weirder as the speech ensues.  The persons idiosyncracies, tics and theories are getting more and more laughable, embarrassing  and silly. The relief usually ends in laughter and applause, when Freddy Kjensmo finally reveal himself as a comedian, and takes off the glasses and the wig and becomes Freddy.
Other scenarios could be a new employee that arrives late to the corporate dinner and starts a speech, a consultant that is there to help you or…. The possibilities are endless.  You as a customer, are welcome to come with suggestions, wishes and topics for the ultimate plot.

A segment like this usually lasts for about 15 minutes, and is written exclusively for every occasion .

It is also possible to book Freddy Kjensmo as a emcee or toastmaster in English.

This is a clip of Freddy Kjensmo being introduced as the new CEO for the well known global company Telenor Satelite at an international event in Oslo.

“This was a huge success and it became the big talk of the afternoon and evening. The funny thing is that some of the people didn´t understand this was a hoax before you took of your wig and became Freddy. One can just imagine how relieved they must been to not have your character “Thomas Olsen” as the new CEO. It was a pleasure to work with you from the very first meeting and the planning, and till you took of your wig in the end of the show.    ”
– Tor Crosby – Head Accountant, Telenor Satellite Broadcasting AS